Flights of Memory

Flights of Memory front cover 

How do you record history when it is written only in brief, valiant flutter of a homing pigeon? Pigeon Racing was always as much about people as birds. For a centuary it was the warp and the weft of working class Scottish life... Thousands of miners, mill and factory workers were devoted to the gentle but intensly competitive art of bird keeping... Now, for the first time, the offical history of the sport has been recorded by Linda Brooks, the Secretary of the governing body, who saw the past slipping away and was determined to capture it..." Melanie Reid THE TIMES

"Historical facts and figures combined with pigeons are a recipe for success and none more so than in the one hundred year in which the SHU has provided service par excellence for its members. As one would expect, the history of the SHU is covered in depth and presented in a manner that makes for enjoyable reading. I feel the book has set the standard which others may follow. Exactly my kind of book and one which will appeal to all fanciers" Brian Newson "The Sport ar Heart"

"Without contradiction I class it a world first as to the best of my humble knowledge no-one anywhere has ever brough out such a book on the history of the Racing Pigeon Sport. A MUST for every serious fancier's book shelf. Here's to the next issue in 2107! This book leads where others will try and follow." "Slan Leibh!" (Gaelic - 'Health be with you) Jim George (Round 'O')

"Something in this book for everyone scribed by people who have come through the University of Life." Bob Kennedy (48years scribing with the RP)

"'Flights of Memory' is simply superb! Of the multitude of books relating to the sport I have devoured over the years this one above all, captures the essence, history and undauting spirit of both the Racing Pigeon and the Fancier." Graham McArthur, Author of 'Blood Flight'